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Distilled, Cold-pressed and Essence Oils

The products listed are our standard range. We also manufacture and supply concentrated citrus oils. We would be pleased to accept your enquiries for alternative products. Please contact us for more information

We produce high-quality essential oils, in concentrated form, or specifically for use in flavour formulations created to meet your requirements. Below is a list of the more standard Essential Oils, but we would happy to discuss bespoke formulations to give your application a distinctive edge.


Standardised Essential Oils
    Basil Egyptian Oil    
    Bay WI Oil    
    Buchu Oil    
    Caraway Seed Oil    
    Cardamom Oil    
    Cascarilla Bark Oil    
    Cassia Oil    
    Celery Seed Oil    
    Celery Herb Oil    
    Cinnamon Bark Oil    
    Cinnamon Leaf Oil    
    Clove Bud Oil    
    Clove Stem Oil    
    Clove Leaf Oil    
    Coriander Seed Oil    
    Coriander Herb (Cilantro) Oil    
    Cumin Oil    
    Dillseed Oil    
    Dillweed Oil    
    Eucalyptus Oil    
    Fennel Oil    
    Garlic Oil    
    Ginger (Nig) Oil    
    Ginger (Chin) Oil    
    Ginger (Cochin) Oil    
    Garden mint Oil    
    Juniperberry Oil    
    Laurel (Nobil.) Oil    
    Lemongrass Oil    
    Lovage Leaf Oil    
    Lovage Root Oil    
    Mace Oil    
    Marjoram (Egypt) Oil    
    Marjoram (Span.) Oil    
    Nutmeg Indonesian Oil    
    Onion Oil    
    Origanum Oil    
    Parsley Herb Oil    
    Parsley Seed Oil    
    Pepper Black Oil    
    Peppermint Arvensis (Chin.) Oil    
    Peppermint Piperita (Yak.) Oil    
    Pimento Berry Oil    
    Pimento Leaf Oil    
    Rosemary Oil    
    Sage (Dalm.) Oil    
    Spearmint 80% Oil    
    Spearmint (US) Oil    
    Tarragon Oil    
    Thyme Red Oil    
    Valerian Oil    






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